Structural Study of Diwan Al Shareef Al Bayadhy 

         In this research, the researcher presents an analytical and descriptive study of the sentence in general in the Diwan of AI-Sharif Al-Bayadi, by tracing the nominal sentence, whether it was fixed or copied (absolute and restricted). The sentence changes in the syntax and what the actual sethe sentence is affected by when changing the location of the verb in terms of time and formulas from which the verb comes. Also, the message came with an introduction, a preface and three chapters. The first chapter was talking about the nominal sentence. The first topic was the proven (absolute) nominal sentence and the second topic was the copied nominal sentence B (was) or one of her sisters. As for the third topic, it was the nominal sentence copied with (if) or one of her sisters.
         In the second chapter, it covers the actual sentence in terms of time (past, present, and command) and the construction of the verb and its expression, whether the verb is in the past, present tense, or future (the command). The third chapter was about methods in the Arabic languages sed we chose from them (the interrogative method) and it had an abundance of tools. This was the first topic of the third chapter, and the second topic of the third chapter was talking about the method (negation and prohibition) and the tools that were mentioned in the Diwan of Sharif al-Bayadi. And then came the conclusion and the most important results and then the sources.